Sunday, November 29, 2009

Raclette or Fondue -- Le Quel Préférez-Vous ?

According to late great gastronome, Robert Courtine, la raclette is a dish that « le gourmet préfère de loin aux fondues » — a dish that a gourmet prefers by far compared to fondues, better than the typical fondue, which is cheese melted in white wine and often served only with bread.

The possibilities with Raclette are infinite, yet just as simple to prepare than fondue-- perhaps even more simple!

Making cheese fondue is not as easy as it should be! Getting the Emmental and Gruyere cheeses and wine to meld together into a creamy symphony is not as simple as it sounds... the temperature and the proportions of the cheese and alcohol have an obstinate disposition-- if not calculated correctly, simply will not cooperate... not to mention the amount of cheese needed to be bought and grated to create a concoction that will be devoured in a half hour!

Raclette, on the other hand, is low-maintenance-- no stirring, no grating, no worries about burning, no cutting bread for dipping. With Raclette, you just slice the cheese, set out your boiled potatoes and anything else you want to adorn with your potatoes and voila, magic... a perfect meal awaits a mountainous appetite! And instead of being consumed as quickly as an appetizer, Raclette can be savored for as long as your pants waistline will allow!

Raclette ou fromage fondue, lequel préférez-vous ? Pour moi... I'll take both, thank you very much, but if I have to make it myself... I'd choose Raclette every time.

To be fair, Courtine, is referring to the sapidity between the two... this will be the topic of my next post!

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