Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 New Year's Eve Raclette Fête

This year I didn't go overboard for Christmas... I followed Linus' advice and had more of a Charles Shultz kind-of-holiday season with commercialism with all of its insidious glory diminished. So often, we make more of Christmas than it ought to be, and we end up exhausted with decorations yet to put away and the weight of a new year ahead of us.

Still, existentialism aside, I'm very glad my sweet hubby used his hard-earned capitalist dollars to partake in the crazed consumerism of the holidays, buying me the Raclette grill I was hoping for-- and just in time for New Year' Eve! Here's what it looks like!

And because I didn't overdo it and now with my dream appliance, I want to invite a handful of friends over for New Year's Eve for a Raclette Fête !  This is so easy to prepare and so low-key that everyone, including myself the host, are guaranteed to have a wonderful evening.  I'll buy the Raclette cheese and the fingerling potatoes. I've asked each friend to bring something to go along with our meal:  Jill will bring the baby dill pickles and maybe some pickld asparagus, Marc the ham or salami, Deanna loves vegetables so I've asked her to bring a fresh veggie plate, Meredith will bring a couple kinds of bread and Pierce and Lily will each bring some white wine, like a Beaujolais.

This way I can extend the the joy, the memories, the fun and the laughter of being with ones near and dear without the stress to impress.  2010's gonna be grand!!!

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