Monday, January 18, 2010

Cheese for the Diet Health Conscious

Cheese for the Diet Health Conscious

Watching your weight?  Need some protein to fuel your day?  Looking to add more nutritious foods to your diet?  Look no further...

An ounce of cheese, with some crackers or a nice slice of whole grain bread, and any fruit fresh or dried, makes a satisfying, power-punching, staving-off-starvation snack. High in calcium and protein, cheese makes a smart choice to your weekly shopping list.

Cheese is affordable, accessible, natural, nutritious and noshable.

If you consider the cost of other snacks you would be consuming:  scones, muffins, energy bars, smoothies, granola bars, bagels, the price you would spend on an ounce of a high quality cheese is more than comparable yet, without all the additives, preservatives and sugar.  Add a serving size of crackers or a slice of good quality bread, with an apple or fruit of your choice and ta-da, you have nurtured yourself in way that can only make you happier and more effective.

Though cheese is rather weighty in fat content,  in moderation, like milk, can probably help you to actually lose weight. (This is my personal opinion.)

Go for the good quality, minimalist cheese varieties-- Gouda, Cheddar, Edam, Emmental. There are literally hundreds of varieties of cheese and many available now at your local supermarket, health food or speciality store... but even more exciting is that the really good stuff (from all parts of the globe) is just as easily accessible online! has many of the world's best offerings just a few clicks away.

High quality cheese comes from the milk of cows that have a lush environment and are well-nourished.  Like happy cows, eating cheese on a regular basis can make happy humans perform at their highest level as well.

So, here's to eating better, eating basic, and eating smart beginning now.

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