Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is National Cheese Lover's Day!

Isn't it wonderful that in the United States we have the luxury of celebrating the joys and freedom of food, something so basic yet, so important to human existence. I chuckled when I saw the list of national holidays (yes, national) for everything from blueberry pancakes to corn chips (no, I'm not lying).

At the same time, I swallow hard thinking about the hundreds of thousands of people effected by the earthquake in Haiti just a week ago. Just moving back to the States from a developing nation only six months ago, the stark contrast of wealth and freedom here is blinding.

So today, I'm thankful... thankful for cheese (hallelujah!) but also thankful for life itself, for freedom I have to go to the store and buy cheese... for technology that I can read about cheese on the internet, for the life we share together in this one expanse-of-space-and-time called now. Praise cheeses!!

Let's make the most of National Cheese Day-- eat some cheese and enjoy it! But also say a prayer for those in need, and shine on, you crazy diamond with the generosity Americans are so well known for.

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