Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Concept Restaurant, L'Art du Fromage, Stinkin' Up London

Introducing a concept-nouveau dining experience in London centered around French and Swiss cheese... cheese, and stinky cheese, please-- in all, about 100 varieties.

Kunal Dutta, from The Independent in London, writes, "The inebriating whiff of Roquefort draws one to the door of L'Art Du Fromage, the first speciality cheese restaurant in Britain. The menu is built around cheese-based dishes: there are fondues, raclettes, a glorified version of cheese on toast and even cheese ice cream."

Julien Ledogar and Jean-Charles Madenspacher are co-conspirators behind this revolutionary stirring in the world of culinary gastronomy. Cheese shoppes... London has, even some with "tasting cafes", but not until now has there been a restaurant entirely devoted to the milky way.

Endeared from the beginning of time, cheese is experiencing a resurgence, a Rennaissance, largely due to its increased accessibility to a well-travelled, wealthier worldwide audience. (Full article here.)

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