Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Paddy's Day Raclette

My friend, The Daily Spud, has made the most brilliant post, I have to share it here to remember myself!

In it he shares several, very curious, raw milk cheeses from Ireland... the stinky one, Bellingham Blue, is the one that really piques my interest! There are some amazing photos here.

But what really gets me going is his idea for having a Raclette for St. Patrick's Day. He uses an Irish cheese called St. Gall in place of the traditional Swiss Raclette, and green-colored fruits and vegetables rather than other random-colored ones to keep with the theme.
"The cheese is named for Irish Benedictine monk St. Gall, who, legend has it, not only brought christianity to Switzerland but also taught the Swiss how to make cheese."
Apparently, St. Gall is very similar to its more famous Swiss cousin, Emmental in that it's sweet, nutty and very meltable. That sounds like the perfect cheese to use for a St. Paddy's Raclette. Don't ya think that was so clever The Daily Spud put the two together?  I think it's absolutely brilliant!

Note to the Daily Spud:  You can be my Daily Stud anytime.

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