Friday, March 5, 2010

NYC's Stinky Cheese Festival 2010 (not kidding!)

NYC's hippest event right now: The Stinky Cheese Festival running from March 3-12th. Nine of the chic-est French restaurants are concocting stinky cheese creations including appetizers, entree and desserts in addition to their regular menus. Participating in this "Tour de France" are:

Cafe D'Alsace:
French Roast Uptown:        
French Roast Downtown:
Le Monde:
(For more information, click here)

"Try region-specific stank from each restaurant, such as l’oeuf d’Alsace (a fricassée of artichoke with a poached egg and melted Grès des Vosges raw-milk Muenster) at Café d’Alsace, or a raclette with braised pork belly and fingerling potatoes at Marseille." (source: NBC New York)
I don't know about you, but this is the kind of stink that the Big Apple should be known for!


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