Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lincolnshire, England Innovating Wedding Cakes

Planning for a wedding this summer, or later in the year? Consider this new fad in cheese and weddings. In Lincolnshire, England the traditional wedding cake has taken on new meaning and substance. Instead of flour, eggs and sugar, statuesque rounds of cheese take the shape of wedding cakes these days.

Not only gorgeous in its presentation, cheese serves dual purposes in that it serves either as hor d'oeurve, or, a main part of the banquet. Little else is needed to accompany such a luscious "cake". Perhaps some bread, and a few varieties of fruit pesto on the side, like quince paste, will not only satisfy guests but also pique curiosities and start conversations. Labels with the various "layers" and types of cheese will captivate your guests, and provide a bit of memorable entertainment as well.

Cheese wedding cakes are surprisingly more affordable than a standard wedding cake, priced at £275 rather a more likely £400 for the standard sugary fare. The Lincoln's Cheese Society will adorn your cheesecake according to your fancy. (Source:

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