Monday, April 26, 2010

Flaming Feta: A Delicious Homeschool Experiment

Moms who love homeschooling will love this delicious little science experiment. Saganaki is a common Greek meal-starter, traditionally spread on bread, made from a feta-type cheese but like no other cheese spread-- in that it is on fire.

You will need: Kefalotiri cheese and Bacardi 151 (more here).

Feta cheese, Greece's cheese superstar, is made from a combination of sheep and goats milk. Kefalotiri cheese has the same origins but it's a harder, more dense cheese that doesn't melt.

What a great way for homeschooling moms to combine studies on country, culture, geography, science, language and have a tasty lunch! 

πόσο νόστιμα!

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