Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cooking E-Course Brings a New Way of Cooking into Your Home

A new trend in personal cooking school are cooking classes online. Nourished Kitchen is one example of this innovative approach to learning about cooking.

In the comfort of your own kitchen, you can learn how to cook the basics from slow roasting meats to making homemade stock the real way using fresh ingredients. Learn how to minimize your food budget and at the same time, maximize the nutritional benefits of what you eat using traditional methods of cooking and learning how to shop.

For $10/class you'll be one your way to a healthier, leaner and more economical way of preparing food for you and your family. Hurry, sign up today. Classes will run for 12 weeks on a weekly basis beginning June 1. Visit The Nourished Kitchen.com.

(I will make a small commission if you should decide to enroll.)

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