Monday, May 10, 2010

Using Dried Mushrooms

At first smell, the Black Trumpet Mushrooms smell like coffee ice cream; the Maitake Mushrooms have a light, floral and fresh aroma; the Porcini Mushrooms have a stronger, musky-sweet smell; the Matsutake Mushrooms smell of a wooded forest in spring, and as the name suggests the Lobster Mushrooms smell of the sea, somewhat fishy but not overly so.

At first look: each sample comes already pre-prepared, sliced nicely, and ready to rehydrate for any recipe.

At first taste: Porcini mushrooms are rustic and woody, rubbery but easy to bite. These would be good on a pizza, i'm thinking a quick Boboli crust or pita bread round, a good sauce with olive oil and a high quality mozzerella, with fresh basil.

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