Friday, August 6, 2010

Snack Culture: Yankee Cheez Doodler Dies

Since my last post, the inventor of Cheez Doodles has died. Morrie Yohai, a Wharton School business graduate as well as a Marine pilot in WWII, clearly also had a creative streak that resulted in the iconic neon-orange colored snack so well loved today.

In his father's snack manufacturing company back in the 1950's he and his father discovered that liquefied cornmeal pressed through one of their machines and then coated and baked with seasonings and cheese powder, made for a tasty snack.

His stroke of genius has left an orange-stained mark on our palate for sure. Known as a teacher and educator too, Morrie was 90 years old dying of cancer in his New York home on July 27, 2010.

Sources: The LA Times, The NY Times, The Washington Post

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