Friday, June 11, 2010

Casein, The Cheese Protein Wonder Drug

Now I know why I can't stop with just one bite of cheese when it's sitting on a cheese board...

When we eat cheese, we also ingest and break down casein, the most prolific protein in cheese. Part of the casein is converted to casomorphin (yes, in the same family as morphine) to produce a 'feel good' effect that probably contributes to that indulgent 'oh, let's just chill out on the couch for a bit and slice off a few more chunks' phenomenon. (Source:

Thank you, my dear blog friend, for explaining this uncontrollable urge to the struggling few of us out there with an addiction to cheese. :P

On a more serious note though, the regular consumption of cheese is being increasingly found to bring balance and sustained health to bodies depleted from ordinary stresses over time. See here and here. Could cheese be the ticket to wellbeing and well-thinking?

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