Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheese is an "Alien Taste" to the Chinese

Living in the middle of China 20 years ago, cheese was certainly considered to be an alien food, just as were the sea slugs we were served as honorable guests at a round table banquet. Today however, as incomes rise and more becomes available through the global economy cheese is gaining a small but secure foothold on the Chinese palate.

Here's an excellent news clip on the state of cheese in China.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television, June 18, 2010.


Patty said...

Wow! What an incredible clip. I lived in China for a little bit and don't remember there being any cheese. But I know I would have thoroughly enjoyed a delicious hunk of cheese while I was there. Am happy to hear that the easterners are gaining a taste for cheese!

Arlene said...

That is something I didn't know. Cheeses have always been an important part of my diet that I never realized it wasn't common everywhere. The clip was terrific.

QAngel said...

Thank you, Patty and Arlene, for your comments! Appreciate your input!

Anonymous said...

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Robert-Gilles said...

Learn something everyday. Really didn't know that the Chinese didn't eat cheese let alone drink milk, wow.

Carlos Yescas said...

Here are two of my post on Chinese cheese:

Thanks for the post and video

Carlos Yescas

The Cheese Goddess said...

Thanks for all the comments. Carlos, your post is great!