Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red, White and Blue Cheeseburgers for the Fourth of July

Nothing says summer and The Fourth of July better than a grilled hamburgers on the barbecue. For the fixin's this year, offer 2 kinds of cheese like the standard beloved sliced cheddar, but also why not try the not-so-standard-but-intriguing crumbled Blue Cheese. (Okay, the burgers are not gonna be blue.)

Your guests will be delighted to have both the traditional down-to-earth, average but eternally yummy cheeseburger, and a taste of something a little more upscale, a little more far out, yet lipsmackin' as well. Cut some of the cheeseburgers in half or even quarters so that everyone has a chance to try both.

For the red... tomatoes and cooked bacon! Yes!

For the white... sweet, mild and white Vidalia onions, raw and sliced.

Blue cheese, also known as Roquefort is sharp, creamy and spicy, the perfect complement to the robust meatiness of beef. With cheese, like with many things, the cheapest version isn't the one you want to spend money on-- go with a slightly more expensive choice like a Cambozola from Germany or a Amablu St. Pete's Select Premium, cave-aged in Minnesota. Your tongue will thank you and remind you later that you want to eat that again!

There you have it-- your 4th of July main dish-- all the sides and dessert, beverages, buns can be tailored in a quick snap to your liking and budget. Modern convenience, simple and a little adventurous.

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