Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"So much cheese, so little time."

"I only work in cheese." These are the words of one-of-a-kind sculpture artist, Sarah Kaufmann, who has used Wisconsin cheddar as her medium to fashion Jay Leno and one of his motor bikes and most recently two helmeted heads of Superbowl rivals the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts over the weekend.

Kaufmann, a Wisconsonian native, is a product of American innovation. C'mon now, where else in the world do people sculpt large amounts of cheddar cheese just for the sake of art? Don't worry... the excess doesn't get wasted-- Kaufmann bags up the scraps and gives them to a homeless shelter at the end of the day.

Among her other creations that bring a new meaning to cheese and culture: A 6-foot long replica of the aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan, a 300-pound gorilla, and a life-size sculpture of astronaut Neil Armstrong.  (Read full article here.)

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