Saturday, February 27, 2010

Swiss Gold Medal for the House of Switzerland

Some of the best eats around Vancouver during the Winter Olympics are described wonderfully well here.
Not to be missed the Dim Sum, the Canadian Atlantic seafood and the Raclette.
Can you guess what this is? (this foto and more, definitely worth seeing.)  If you guessed half a wheel of Raclette cheese on a Raclonette, 10 points for you! 

This wonderful Swiss tradition, where creamy pungent cheese gets grilled until slightly browned and bubbly and then scraped (racler in French) onto a plate of potatoes with a nice contrast of pickles on the side, is being celebrated at The House of Switzerland, Swiss headquarters for the 2010 Olympics. 

If you have a chance, they're dishing up a heart-attack inducing portion, with rind included, on crusty bread instead. A must-eat experience that goes with the must-see theme of being at the Games.

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