Friday, February 19, 2010

Wine & Cheese for Supper Tonight?

How about some wine with your cheese?

If dining alone or with your loved one, how about picking up a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread and a new cheese you've never tried before for dinner tonight? Friday night is the perfect time to have a lazy supper. Factoid: there are over a thousand varieties of cheeses around the globe.

May I recommend the Spanish Assortment here which includes Manchego, Mahon Reserva, Idiazabal and Murcia al Vino all imported from Spain.  This month, experiment with some of Spain's prized cheeses, and then next month how about a sampler from another region of the world?

If you have children, how about making a simple supper-- macaroni and cheese perhaps?  After that's done, pour yourself an elegant glass and whip out the cheese and crackers, and sit back and enjoy making it through another work week.

Ordering cheese and wine online makes quickwork of your planning-- the only way to live in the 21st century-- this way you can reserve your trips to the market for a quick pick-up of some of the regular items you use from week to week.

It's a great idea to always have a few bottles on hand. My Wines Direct has the perfect combination of wines always with free shipping. Go reds with the Spanish cheeses, and let me know what you think.

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