Friday, February 12, 2010

Romance & Cheese at Home

The Cheese Goddess ran across an article that sparked an idea, and might offer some inspiration for you and your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Here's the thought:

Many years ago—before the need for cholesterol watching and calorie counting—my husband and I were in Paris and went to a restaurant that served nothing but cheese. It was a heavenly afternoon and unlikely to be duplicated anywhere in the United States. But we keep trying.

Wouldn't that be divine-- an afternoon with various cheeses and some good white wine? No need to find a restaurant really; create your own Paris at home. Simply choose a 3-5 varieties of cheese you like and/or would like to try, some wine, a baguette and any other sweet or savory treats you'd fancy alongside.

In Chile, they do "onces" which is like afternoon tea but with a variety of cheeses, fruit or fruit spreads, breads and cakes. And, following the Chilean tradition, buy several varieties of cheese and have your own cheese course at home. What a novel and delightful idea, no?

I don't know about you, but that's my idea of heaven!

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